The shipping company

Quality, our passion.

That’s the essence of our existence. The basis to fulfil this promise? “Everything from a single source”. That is what makes Scylla unique in its kind. We function as a 360-degree partner for charterers and businesses.

Our exceptionalism lies in the way each Scylla ship is designed, developed, constructed and built.

The Scylla-design

The distinctive design of our ships is drawn up by our designers. Our own plans and layouts are the fundament of the quality we offer. This does not only encompass the structural design, also luxurious interior design has that Scylla-signature. In case a new ship is designed specifically for one of our customers, their requirements are taken into account.

The Scylla-quality

After the design is finished, the heavy work starts. The steel hull of the ship is ordered and assembled under the construction management of our technicians in the Netherlands. The quality of the framework is essential in creating a premium ship. Once this is assured, the ship is prepared for shipping operations. All installations required for hotel and nautical operations are undertaken by Scylla AG. From the mooring line to a lifeboat, from kitchen towel to soup plate; each item is selected and installed on board with great care.

The Scylla-service

Subsequently, the ship is manned. Under the supervision of Edelweiss Gastro and RSR Nemo, a crew is recruited that meets the Scylla standards. Each of them is recruited, trained and accommodated under the guidance of the Scylla AG in-house staff. This way we assure journeys with excellent service.

But the Scylla service does not stop there. We go the extra mile when it comes to servicing our customers and their guests. Scylla draws up the most beautiful itineraries across the European waterways, takes care of administrative matters, such as registration of the ships for locks, berths or ports. And of course, we can also arrange shore excursion programmes.

The Scylla-journey

The final product is now ready to delight its guests. Our experts constantly follow up on everything from the engine room to the kitchen. Our fleet is constantly growing, looking for new destinations in our corporate journey. New routes, new technologies, new designs, new ships. Each with their unique character, united by the Scylla DNA.


The company history