Holland and Belgium

Criss-cross countless canals, rivers and streams for a surprising journey.

Holland and Belgium have much to offer. Vivid cities, historic places and small provinces are waiting to be explored.


Holland is known for its waters. The different provinces are one by one treasures in terms of landscape and culture. Friesland, high up north or the water-rich Zeeland are just some of the highlights along the Holland waterways. A cruise on the Ijsselmeer leads to historic small harbor towns and picturesque fishing villages. From here on, excursions can be taken to the tidal flats, such as Texel. Rather interested in the thrilling vibe of cosmopolitan cities? Amsterdam and Rotterdam will not disappoint. Great architecture, trendy areas and cosy bars define the vibe of these exciting cities.

Belgium too is a unique place to visit. Flemish towns filled with artistic treasures should not be missed. Antwerp for example, the capital of diamonds and fashion, and the home town of Rubens. The medieval town of Bruges takes you back to previous ages on a historic and culinary journey. But also the Imperial city of Ghent has much to offer.

Highlights: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Friesland, Zeeland, Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent.