Germany's north-east

Germany’s river cruises beyond the Rhine.

Germany is the land of river cruises. With its large network of waterways, crossing the country from West to East. Linking the Rhine with the Ems, the Elbe and the Oder. Diverse views stretch out over the North-East region as far as to the Baltic Sea, Poland and the Czech Republic. The waterway taking you through this region are for example the Elbe, the Havel, the Oder and the Vltava.


Active ships in this region

MS Swiss Ruby

MS Swiss Ruby

RegionsThe Elbe and the Elbe-Havel Canal

The Elbe springs from the Giant Mountains and flows through the impressive rock formations in the region known as 'Swiss Saxony', and then passes through such beautiful historic towns as Dresden, Meissen and Wittenberg. From Magdeburg, the journey continues on the Elbe-Havel-Canal to Potsdam, while the Elbe flows through the North German Lowland and enters the North Sea at Cuxhaven.

RegionsThe Havel and the Oder-Havel Canal

In the midst of the lovely Havel region lies Potsdam; the former seat of the royal court, with its famous castles and gardens. Cruising on the Havel takes us to the new German capital Berlin, which has seen a complete architectural transformation in recent years. The journey across the Berlin lakes leads to the Oder-Havel Canal. This offers a very special attraction: the ship lift of Niederfinow, in which 1000-ton ships surmount a difference in altitude of 36 meters to the level of the Oder in 5 minutes.

RegionsThe Oder and the Baltic Sea

The Oder springs from the Eastern Sudeten massif and then forms the border between Germany and Poland. A fascinating historic town on the upper course of the river is Wroclaw, the starting point for a visit to the legendary Giant Mountains. The trading city and port of Szczecin lie at the mouth of the Oder and has a turbulent history, thanks to its ideal location. The Scylla AG ships cruise through the Szczecin lagoon, then continue on the river Peene and through the Greifswalder Bodden (a shallow bay). Stralsund and the famous Baltic islands of Rügen and Hiddensee are the highlights of our cruises.

RegionsThe Vltava

The Vltava springs from the Bohemian Forest and joins the Elbe at Melnik. The largest and most important city on its banks is of course Prague, the golden city.