Danube and Main

Thousand years of history and culture between Franconia and Hungary.

The opening of the Rhine-Main Canal in 1992, meant connecting the most Important rivers in Europe. A dream that went back to Charles the Great came true.

RegionsThe Main-Danube Canal

The journey from Bamberg to Kelheim is spread with wonderful views and impressive technology. While passing the highest locks in Germany, you’ll experience how harmoniously the waterway has been integrated in its surrounding landscape. The stretch through the nature paradise of Altmühltal is one that must be seen.

RegionsThe Danube

The Danube covers 2,888 km from its sources in the mountains of the Black Forest to its delta in the Black Sea and is the second-longest river in Europe after the Volga.

From Kelheim, the cruise goes via Regensburg and Passau to Austria and travels through such lovely landscapes as the sun-blessed wine-growing region of the Wachau. Dürnstein and Melk are the highlights along this route, before reaching Vienna, the metropolis on the Danube.

The Slovakian capital, Bratislava, is as fascinating as the Hungarian landscape on the Danube bend and Budapest with its unique vistas.