Scylla`s NickoVISION awarded as "River Ship of the Year 2018" during the Cruise Guide Awards

On November 8, the best ships of the year were chosen in Hamburg during the Cruise Night. The election, organized by the `Kreuzfahrt Guide` honors ships in 8 categories. In addition to best service, best gastronomy, ... the prize for "best river ship" is also awarded. During this 10th edition of the award show, a ship from the Scylla fleet, the MS NickoVISION, received this honorable prize.

A jury of thirteen renowned journalists and experts together chose De NickoVISION over its competitors. The innovations that Scylla and Nicko Cruises implemented to offer a new, high-quality river travel experience are at the basis of this recognition. The concept behind the modern ship is based on the expectations of the demanding consumer.

The 5-star cruise ship combines modern design with open architecture, lots of space and freedom. Three restaurants and countless opportunities for relaxation bridge the gap between the facilities of river and sea cruises. With this, the shipping company sets a new trend in river travel. With a length of 135 meters, the NickoVISION offers space for 220 passengers. The cabins of 14m2 with French balcony on the middle and upper deck are furnished with an eye for detail and an eye for space optimization.